Atfaluna Society | Urgent Appeal: Sponsor the Grade 1B Classroom for the Academic Year 2017/ 2018
February 23, 2018 - 08:20ص
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Urgent Appeal: Sponsor the Grade 1B Classroom for the Academic Year 2017/ 2018

The Atfaluna School for Deaf Children was established in 1992 being the first School in Gaza to open its doors to deaf children. It consists of 20 classrooms from Grade 1 to Grade 9. The school also houses a classroom for students with special needs, who have other illnesses in addition to hearing loss.

The teaching committee at the School follows a special education curriculum and applies bi-lingual approach. This teaching method allows students with residual hearing to practice and learn to use both verbal and signed communication. Classrooms consist of small groups to allow each deaf child to receive the care and attention necessary from the teacher to build the confidence, skills and knowledge needed to grow and develop.


Prior to the existence of the Atfaluna School in the Gaza Strip, deaf children were rarely treated equally to their peers, thus creating a sense of inferiority among them. Many families had little knowledge in handling their deaf children and thus mostly ignored their existence or at most treated them with less respect and care.


Since Atfaluna School’s establishment both deaf children and their families have become involved and committed to changing their lives for the better. Parents of deaf children participate in sign language training, job counseling sessions, community awareness activities; they also partake in parents committees which play an important role in school decisions. Atfaluna School works hard to maintain and promote this strong commitment and participation.     


With the continuously deteriorating situation in the Gaza Strip, the financial conditions in the School have been greatly affected. Atfaluna is unable to keep with educational needs of the deaf students in its care. We need urgent support to continue our education services to deaf children. We feel a high commitment towards deaf children and have therefore decided not to concede to the situation and are therefore, seeking your urgent help!      


The Classroom:

The Grade 1B classroom consists of 8 deaf students of whom 5 are boys and 3 are girls who suffer from varying degrees of hearing loss. The majority of the students in the class are from extremely poor families who lack even the most basic of needs within their homes. The Atfaluna School welcomes these students to receive a free-of-charge education within a welcoming and friendly environment.


Each student in this class comes from a different family background and a different way of living. Each of these children has a different story to tell. Samar is a happy and friendly 7 year old girl who enjoys coming to school and spending time with her friends, however the young girl has cerebral palsy which limits her ability to concentrate in class and has affected her balance thus obliging her teachers to give her extra care and attention. Mohamed who is the oldest boy in class is nine years old, he has delayed physical development and has been absent from school several times due to having to undergo surgeries. Educationally Mohamed struggles to keep up in class and has weak comprehension skills. Saeed is a bright and friendly young seven year old who loves his school. Saeed has been fitted with a hearing aid which partially assisted his language development and promoted his educational skills. The young boy works hard in class and enjoys helping out his colleagues. The classroom teacher who has long years of experience in working with deaf students, continues to work hard with the school counselor to support and guide each of the students individual needs and abilities.  


We are reaching out to you for urgent support! We need your help in making it possible for these deaf students to continue their education. By sponsoring this classroom you are ensuring these needy deaf students reach their potentials and grow to become independent persons in Society.


A Perfect Example:

In the year 2003 and till this day the Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church (LOPC) has so generously supported one of the Atfaluna Classrooms on an annual basis. Their support has maintained the needs of the classroom and has provided essential school uniforms, transportation assistance, hearing aids, hearing aid batteries, medical assistance to the students just to name a few of the many needs. Fourteen (14) years later, the “LOPC Class” as has become known to everyone, is still helping deaf children receive a proper education. What we like to boast is that their continuing sponsorship of this classroom had had remarkable benefits for the students of whom some have already graduated from the class and have begun to work in the community.


Give deaf students a chance! By sponsoring this classroom, you will first receive individual profiles for each student. By the end of each semester you will receive updated reports on the situation of the classroom, student progress the classroom and school, in addition to photos and statements from the children and their families. You will have direct access to any financial and social information regarding the classroom. 


The Total Budget for the Grade 1B Classroom is $14,000. For more details please contact: 

Contact Information

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