Atfaluna Society | Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children Promotes Child Safeguarding Culture Inside Its Work Environment and Outside
February 25, 2018 - 19:52م
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Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children Promotes Child Safeguarding Culture Inside Its Work Environment and Outside

As part of its commitment to children’s safety in the process of achieving the overarching goal of improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities, CBM continues to support its partner organizations to have their own child safeguarding policies and procedures in place.  Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children (ASDC) with support of CBM-Germany has successfully concluded a Training of Trainers’ Course in Child Safeguarding for its employees as a first step towards developing and promoting child safeguarding culture inside the organization as well as outside.  


The training course, which has been implemented in cooperation with the Department of Education and Protection of the Islamic Relief Worldwide-Palestine, aimed at ensuring that ASDC policies and practices are in line with the UN convention on the rights of the child which focuses on four aspects of children’s rights (the four ‘P’s): 1.) Participation by children in decisions affecting them; 2.) Protection of children against discrimination and all forms of neglect and exploitation; 3.) Prevention of harm to them; and 4.) Provision of assistance to children for their basic needs.


Participants of the ToT course were made-up of deaf and non-deaf members of ASDC child safeguarding committee, managers, social workers, and school counselors. They have been introduced to the international convention on the rights of the child, child safeguarding concepts, child rights monitoring and reporting mechanisms, risk assessment and mitigation actions.


According to Philisteen Al-Omari, Head of ASDC Child Protection Committee, the participants are supposed to deliver the same training to other ASDC staff, in addition to a series of child safeguarding awareness workshops for deaf and non-deaf children and other community members including family members of deaf children.


Worth mentioning that ASDC runs a school of 300 deaf and hard of hearing girls and boys and early childhood program and is aiming at moving towards an inclusive education system in the future. 

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