Atfaluna Society | Bank of Palestine’s Employees in the Gaza Strip Receive Sign Language Training
February 25, 2018 - 19:51م
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Bank of Palestine’s Employees in the Gaza Strip Receive Sign Language Training

Driven by its commitment to expand the use of sign language in the Palestinian society;  Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children (ASDC) has successfully concluded a sign language training course for Bank of Palestine’s employees in the Gaza Strip. The 36-hour training course was conducted at the Bank of Palestine in Gaza City and delivered by Mr. Ehab Al-Madhoon, ASDC Sign Language Trainer and Certified Interpreter.


A number of 20 employees drawn from branches of Bank of Palestine across the Gaza Strip have passed through a specially-designed Palestinian Sign Language training course to help them better communicate with customers with hearing disability.  Mr. Al-Madhon clarified that improving the communication skills of bank employees will improve the deaf customers’ banking experience by allowing them to perform the basic banking operations such as withdraw loans and make internal and external transfers upon their direct request and without the need for a Sign Language interpreter, in addition to enjoying a basic level of confidentiality.


Noting that during the training period, participants had a chance to visit ASDC’s different departments and learn about the services provided to the deaf community in the Gaza Strip. The participants have been also awarded certificates upon completing the training course.

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