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February 23, 2018 - 08:17ص
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Sponsor A Deaf Student

 Sponsor A Deaf Student from Gaza!


When you sponsor a deaf student, you help him/her to grow up in warmth, to receive quality education, and to be prepared for an independent life. Deaf student sponsorship provides you with the chance to witness the effect of your contribution on the life of the student forever.


Who does your contribution go to?

A deaf student, female or male, aged between 5 and 17 years old enrolled in special education classes at Atfaluna School for Deaf Children. The student resides in one of the Gaza Strip’s marginalized areas and comes from extremely poor background.


Where does your contribution go?

Your contribution will provide the deaf student with basic needs such as hearing aids, hearing aids batteries, healthy food, basic health care, school needs and supplies (school uniform, school bags, stationary, etc.) and school transportation.


When you sponsor a deaf student you expect to receive:

A student profile describing the social, economic, and health statues of the student and his/her  family

A receipt in the amount of your donation

A Thank You letter from the student  with translation, if required

A quarterly progress report describing the student academic performance andsocial and health statues.


How can you sponsor a deaf student?

Please contact our Sponsorship Programs Officer at the following e-mail address:   


Contact Information

2828495 - 2865468-(8ـ00972)