Atfaluna Society | Atfaluna Vocational Training Centre Officially Certified by the Palestinian Ministry of Labor
March 30, 2017 - 11:45ص
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Atfaluna Vocational Training Centre Officially Certified by the Palestinian Ministry of Labor

Last Update : 25 May 2016، 00:56:57

Within its ongoing achievements to empower people with disabilities in the Gaza strip; a certificate of registration was recently  granted to  Atfaluna Vocational Training Center by the Palestinian Ministry of Labor.


The Vocational Training Center, which was established in 2013, is located  in the third floor of Atfaluna Society’s Community Resource Center. It provides accommodation for five well-furnished and equipped training halls, in addition to one office and one meeting room for administrative purposes. 


Atfaluna Vocational Training Center adopts an inclusive approach to ensure that people with disabilities and other community members in the Gaza Strip have equitable access to quality short/ long -term vocational trainings and  thereby increase their chances of finding decent work opportunities.


According to Mr. Naim Kabaja, ASDC director, since the establishment of Atfaluna Vocational Training Center; a total number of 615 trainees have benefited from different vocational training courses in  several fields such as: embroidery, sewing, upholstery, photography, jewelry making, product design, carpentry, pottery and ceramic painting, cooking and baking and shoe making.


To highlight the major accomplishments of the center; Mr.Kabaja, stated that “ we are proud to declare that more than 200  graduates have been provided with apprenticeship opportunities, permanent jobs in the private and public sectors in addition to the establishment of small business thought the Gaza Strip,  which will in turn improve people with disabilities  quality of life as well as supporting economic growth and prosperity.” 

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