Atfaluna Society | A Fakhoora co-funded programme provides Vocational Training Opportunities for 215 Persons with Disabilities in the Gaza Strip
February 25, 2018 - 19:37م
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A Fakhoora co-funded programme provides Vocational Training Opportunities for 215 Persons with Disabilities in the Gaza Strip

In a pleasant and simultaneously fulfilling atmosphere, a total number of 215 youth with disabilities have received certificates after completing their vocational training courses in the fields of furniture making, jewelry making, culinary arts, sewing, embroidery, photography, graphic design and hairdressing for women and men.

The training courses were carried out as part of a the project entitled: “Vocational Training and Job Creation for People with Disabilities in the Gaza Strip”, a one-year project implemented by the Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) in partnership with Palestinian Red Crescent Society through Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children and funded the Gulf Council Cooperation Program for the reconstruction of Gaza & Al-Fakhoora (A programme of Education Above All Foundation) in cooperation with the Islamic bank of development.

The event was held on Sunday, the 2nd of March 2016, at the Palestinian Red Crescent Society’s main hall in Gaza City with the participation of representatives of several local and international organizations, public and private business sector, and disabled persons organizations (DPOs).

The event was first initiated by Palestinian Anthem in sign language performed by deaf students of ASDC School, then Mr. Sharhabeel Al Za’eem, ASDC Chairman welcomed the guests in a speech in which he praised the great efforts of the State of Qatar represented by all its organizations working toward improving the quality of life of PwDs in the Gaza Strip.

From his part, Mr. Shadi Saleh, Al- Fakhoora representative in the Gaza Strip, was equally proud of the project achievements which gave PwDs equal opportunities for enjoying an inclusive training and work environments.

From her part, Dr. Heba Mahallwi, QRC Health Program officer, highlighted the different activities of the project. “Following to the vocational training courses, small business management courses has been implemented as a preparatory step for the establishment of 35 small businesses for the graduates. Moreover, apprenticeship opportunities for vocational training graduates were provided through the project which will help 100 graduates in improving their potential for sustainable careers in the community.”

Following a Dabkeh performance by youth with and without disabilities, Mr. Belal Al Mana’ma, a deaf graduates, expressed in sign language his gratitude for the exceptional chance he was given through the project, a chance that made him a productive member of the society and gave him a boost to look to the future optimistically.

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