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February 25, 2018 - 19:30م
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Advocay and Networking

The advocacy program is an organized and constant attempt by a group of active individuals and organizations to make a positive change in local community views and policies towards persons with disabilities. The advocacy program pushes towards making a change for the better for persons with disabilities by gaining public opinion and persuading decision makers to enforce change on the ground.


The advocacy program was initiated in the year 2011 by combining together the efforts of rehabilitation societies, human rights organizations, supporters, deaf person’s family members and representatives of the deaf. Working to promote the rights of persons with disabilities in general and persons with hearing impairment in particular to activate laws which achieve a better community for PwDs where they can enjoy their civil, health, social, educational and political rights.


Aim of the program: to advocate towards issuing laws and activating existing ones which support persons with disabilities



Atfaluna understands that to achieve any change in the rights of persons with disabilities formulating national policies, introducing dialogue with decision makers and lobbying for the rights of persons with disabilities is essential.

Atfaluna is implementing the advocacy program activities in cooperation with the six main rehabilitation centers in the Gaza Strip: Jabaliha Rehabilitation Society, National Rehabilitation Society, Al Amal Rehabilitation Society, Palestinian Red Crescent Society, Nusseirat Rehabilitation Society, and Deir Al Balah Rehabilitation Society.


Six advocacy committees were formed in a previous meeting to work towards achieving each of the following goals:

  • Integrate early hearing detection and intervention services for newborns within the primary health sector in the Gaza Strip
  • Facilitate mobilization and access to services for people with special needs
  • Reinforce sign language in the Palestinian society
  • Promote job opportunities for people with special needs
  • Promote deaf sport programs and activities
  • Promote the protection of children with special needs from violence, abuse, and exploitation

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