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February 25, 2018 - 19:52م
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Social Services

Caring for the social and psychological status of deaf persons is one of the key concerns for Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children since its establishment in 1992. Upon expanding its social work ASDC established an independent social service unit at ASDC offering social, psychological and rehabilitation support to deaf children and adults from all areas of the Gaza Strip.

Aim of the Program: Improving the social and psychological aspects of life for deaf and hard of hearing persons and their families.

the Unit Services:

The unit offers services to persons with hearing and speech problems and involves the entire family in the treatment process. The services offered by the department assist children from early childhood stages of hearing loss identification and continues on with them during their educational process and later on in their lives. Cases are referred from other departments within the society as well as from other specialized service providers including private clinics and UNRWA.


Four hearing social workers and one deaf social worker are employed within the department. The social workers are divided between the different departments of the organisation.

Contact Information

2828495 - 2865468-(8ـ00972)