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February 25, 2018 - 19:30م
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Audiology and Speech Therapy Clinics

The outpatient clinic in ASDC was established in the year 1993 and is one of the key service providers in the organization. The department is prepared with advanced equipment which assists the well experienced and trained staff to test and diagnose hearing abilities. Hearing aid repair, hearing aid fitting, ear mould production and speech therapy sessions are also available to patients in the clinic. A comprehensive service is made available to the entire Gazan population from all age groups and areas of the Gaza Strip.


The outpatient clinics comprise a number of different units:


  • Audiology Clinic: the clinic staff is well experienced audiologists who are specialised in diagnosing, evaluating and fitting hearing aids for all age groups. A social worker is also employed within the department to assist needy families and provide them with hearing aids free of charge when possible. The audiology clinic also provides the following services: hearing testing, mobile screening services, hearing aid maintenance and repair, ear mould production and awareness sessions for patients about hearing aid use and care.     


  • Speech and Language Pathology Clinic: the department offers speech and language therapy sessions. The service is available for deaf children enrolled in the Atfaluna School as well as other children in need of speech and language assistance.


  • Free-of-charge Community Awareness and Outreach Services: the community awareness and outreach hearing screening program is part of the audiology clinic. The mobile clinic operates throughout the week and covers all geographical areas of the Gaza Strip. Thousands of persons are screened on an annual basis free of charge. Referrals are made to ASDC outpatient clinics for further testing and diagnosis and often to other specialized doctors depending on the case. Screening services are also carried out in kindergartens, schools and organizations upon request. During screening activities community awareness is carried out by an awareness expert and information filled brochures are distributed to the beneficiaries.

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