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February 23, 2018 - 08:21ص
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Early Intervention

The early intervention program is a service offered to newly identified deaf children in need of developmental and educational assistance. The services provided to the children through the program consist of educational, rehabilitation and protective services.

The program rehabilitates the children by educating them socially and educationally in preparation for enrollment in school. Both mother and child attend the program with special focus being on the mother who will learn to communicate and teach her child in the home setting. The program serves children from the time they are diagnosed with hearing loss until the age of 4 years. At the age of four the child enters kindergarten level where he begins formal primary education in preparation for future school years.

The early intervention program is implemented in all four geographical areas of the Gaza Strip and serves approximately 100 deaf children. The program works to guide and assist families of newly diagnosed deaf children during the early critical days. Social guidance, counseling and home visits are implemented in collaboration to insure the success of the services offered.     


Aim of the Program: Providing newly identified deaf and hard of hearing children aged 0-4 years and their families with protective and rehabilitative counseling and guidance in order to achieve healthy development for the child.   

Contact Information

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